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Lose-Lose for Republicans

June 23rd, 2016

     After being in denial for much of the primary season, the Republican Establishment has come to grips with the fact that Donald Trump is the Republican nominee. But they’re now in a position where they either have to distance themselves from Trump and some of his more controversial positions and risk alienating the base or embrace them and risk alienating swing voters. How should Republicans navigate this seemingly no-win situation?

The Justice Department is continuing the investigation into the Orlando Shooting but Democrats have focused their attention on the gun debate. Are they handling the situation in the best way or are they letting an opportunity for advancement of gun control measures they want pass by?

We discuss in today’s episode.

Incentivizing Anger

June 16th, 2016

     The US has a long history of violence at political rallies but rallies in recent years have been relatively peaceful affairs. Rallies during the 2016 Primaries have been exceptions, however, with attendees and protestors engaging in scuffles over the past several months. While the violence has been relatively controlled, it seems we are at the point where we may begin to see an escalation both in the frequency and the intensity of violence. In this episode we discuss the profit motives surrounding political polarization and how that may be leading to the kinds of violent episodes we are seeing.

Twenty-nine-year-old Omar Mateen committed the worst mass shooting on US soil last week when he walked into a nightclub in Orlando, Florida and began shooting. The President, as he often does, immediately turned the focus of the tragedy to the gun control debate. In this episode we discuss the particulars of the background check debate and why the aftermath of this shooting may be different than ones past.

The GOAT and the Bern

June 9th, 2016

     There was a time in this country when a heavyweight title fight was the premier sporting event and the world heavyweight boxing champion was the biggest star in the world. This is the atmosphere that Muhammad Ali stepped into and our sports, as well as our culture and our politics, would never be the same.

Bernie Sanders vowed to stay in the Democratic Primary race until California voters could have their voices heard in one of the last primaries. Hillary Clinton scored a decisive victory in the California Primary this week and has basically wrapped up the Democratic nomination. In this episode we discuss why the impact of Bernie Sanders’ campaign may be felt long after the Democratic Primary is over.

The IG’s Report on Clinton’s Emails

June 2nd, 2016

     In April of 2015 the Inspector General of the State Department began an evaluation into the use of personal email to conduct official business for Secretary Clinton and her predecessors. The results of that evaluation were released last week. While not damning, they certainly do not paint Clinton’s use of private for official Department business as flattering. In this episode we discuss the possible motivations for Clinton’s use of personal email and why, for her, the risks may have been worth it.

Bernie Sanders has let it be known that he will not drop out of the Democratic Primary until the convention in July. In this episode we also discuss why Bernie Sanders may need to rethink his reasons for staying in.

What’s Paul Ryan to do?

May 26th, 2016

     When Speaker John Boehner announced his retirement last year many believed that his number two, Kevin McCarthy would be a shoo-in for the Speaker position. McCarthy, however, made controversial statements about the House Select Committee investigating Hillary Clinton’s role in the Benghazi attacks and was forced to drop out of the running. The only other person the entire Republican Caucus could unite behind was Paul Ryan. Ryan reluctantly accepted the role but not without some conditions. One of them was the reinstatement of “regular order” in the House, which would empower every member to propose legislation without interference from leadership.

In this episode we discuss how the conservative movement has put the Republican establishment in a no-win situation and how Paul Ryan may have found an ingenious way to get him and the Republican establishment out of it.

Adios Middle East

May 19th, 2016

     Recent facts have to come to light about the how the Obama administration sold the nuclear deal with Iran to Congress. Many on the right feel that the White House was misleading. But the truly important facts of the recent revelations may center on the timing of the negotiations instead of the substance. We’ll explain.

Donald Trump has been the subject of quite a few headlines over course of the past year. But in dealing with the real estate mogul turned presidential hopeful is the press in danger of becoming part of the problem they are reportedly trying to prevent? We discuss in today’s episode.

Establishment GOP in Denial

May 12th, 2016

     The Republican Primary is over and Donald Trump is the presumptive nominee. But is the GOP Establishment in denial about what just transpired and the current state of their party? Also, political watchers have been concentrating on state by state results and delegate counts but have we missed the big story of this election cycle and the one that has the potential to affect our politics for years to come? We discuss in today’s episode.

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