Jan 9, 2014

Obamacare, Auditing the Fed and the Year Ahead 2014

     The Obama administration reported a huge surge in Obamacare enrollees for the month of December.  But the Supreme Court dealt the administration a blow by granting an injunction to the health care law’s contraceptive mandate brought about by protests from numerous religious organizations.  We discuss these developments along with the surprising delay of the individual mandate granted by the administration to individuals who had their health plans cancelled as a result of the law.

There has been a strong movement to have the Federal Reserve Bank of the US audited.  We discuss the movement and the reasons it has gained steam in recent years.  We highlight a report published by Bloomberg News that details the role that the bank played in providing trillions of dollars in bailouts to financial institutions that the American public was not aware of.

Finally we take a look at the year ahead in politics.  From Obamacare to immigration to the midterm elections in November, 2014 promises to be an eventful year. 

Time stamps for this episode:

Shout out to Stitcher Radio listeners 5:44

Obamacare 7:35

Audit the Fed 32:58

The Year Ahead 2014 53:44

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