Jan 30, 2014

State of the Union 2014, Gov. Christie, and more…

     President Obama gave his 6th State of Union Address to Congress this past week.  It was an address in which he vowed to make 2014 a “year of action.”  He also vowed to press ahead on his own with the nation’s agenda if Congress proved itself unwilling or unable to work towards the nation’s goals.  In this episode we review the speech and detail some of the promises the president made in it.

Hoboken, NJ Mayor Dawn Zimmer has recently come forward with bombshell allegations against NJ Governor Chris Christie.  She alleges that she was told by high ranking members of Chris Christie’s administration that relief funds for Hurricane Sandy were being withheld until the Mayor demonstrated support for a redevelopment project in her town that would benefit individuals close to the Governor.  We detail the mayor’s allegations and discuss the widening scandals surrounding Chris Christie.

Finally we pay tribute to Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma.  Senator Coburn recently announced that he will be retiring 2 years ahead of schedule from the US Senate.  Senator Coburn’s fierce determination on issues of fiscal responsibility earned him the nickname Dr. No because of his willingness to vote no on any bill that he deemed fiscally irresponsible.  The US Senate will be a lesser place for his having left it and we discuss his legacy and the impact that he had on Congress during his years of service.

Time stamps for this episode:

State of the Union: 0:00

Chris Christie 29:21

Senator Tom Coburn 50:09

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